Classroom management is the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive and other unwanted factors. The need for both managing the use and leveraging the value of technology in today’s modern classrooms has increased. Classroom management solutions enable schools, colleges and training institutions to maximize their return from the IT infrastructure already in place.

NetSupport School

NetSupport School is the market-leading classroom software solution for schools. Working across all platforms, NetSupport School supports a teacher with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to ensure they can leverage the very best from their ICT equipment. Rising to the challenge and requirements of the modern classroom, NetSupport School provides the ability to orchestrate and deliver lesson content, work collaboratively and monitor student PCs, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. There are no hidden extras: all features are included as standard including dedicated Teacher, Classroom Assistant and Technician modules.

NetSupport Classroom software is designed to work flawlessly over both wired and wireless networks with desktops, laptops or tablets and for use in traditional PC, thin client or virtualized environments.
Classroom Monitoring, Management, Orchestration and Collaboration = NetSupport School.

What’s New

Version 12 of NetSupport School sees the introduction of an entirely new, native Teacher App for Windows 10. The App is designed to leverage the benefits of mobile teaching on Windows 10 touch-enabled devices and introduces a fresh user-optimised interface.

Features within the new Teacher App include: sharing lesson details, objectives and outcomes; a student register; monitoring of screens; student help request; and more. Enhanced Internet metering and control is provided, including support for the new Microsoft Edge browser as well as application metering and control of both desktop and store apps. To further leverage close integration with Windows 10, teachers can remotely launch Office 365 apps, amongst others, and remotely open websites and browser-based curriculum resources from the teachers “launchpad”.

NetSupport Manager

Remote Desktop and System Management Solution
Remote Desktop and system management solution is available from the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – that allows seamless and secure access to workstations and servers across enterprises, both locally when in the office and remotely when on the move.

NetSupport Manager delivers the very latest in remote PC support and desktop management capabilities. From a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, monitor multiple systems in a single action, deliver hands-on remote support, collaborate and even record or play back sessions. Gather real-time hardware and software inventory, monitor services and even view system config remotely to help resolve issues quickly.

Designed to operate over your LAN, WAN or the internet, securely and without the need for firewall configuration, NetSupport Manager provides a single solution for remote support – without the need for a third party service or ongoing subscription costs. Adding to traditional 1:1 remote control capabilities, NetSupport Manager excels as a 1: many solution; from monitoring multiple systems in real-time, to showing the operator screen to multiple recipients for training, to file distributions across the network.

NetSupport Manager offers comprehensive multi-platform support from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android to any Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Chrome OS devices.

What’s New

Version 12 adds a new and modern feel to the product, with an interface design suited to both Desktop and Tablet platforms. New “live” menus, touch-spaced dialogs, group by enclosure type, location and extended monitoring tools make version 12 the most accessible yet.

For more information, please refer :’s_New_PDF%20Version.pdf?PCODE=BTL001

NetSupport ServiceDesk

Web Based Helpdesk Solution
Available to purchase as either a standalone solution or used in conjunction with NetSupport DNA and NetSupport Manager (complementary IT asset management and PC remote control solutions), NetSupportServiceDesk delivers the processes needed to help you effortlessly track, organise, manage and answer the toughest support challenges.
Supporting the essential ITIL processes – Incident, Problem, Change and Service Level Management – NetSupportServiceDesk ensures your support team can effectively manage customer expectations and minimise the amount of system downtime.

With a fully customisable and intuitive browser-based interface that supports both desktop and mobile platforms, robust workflow processes, a wealth of management reports and a customer-friendly self-service portal, NetSupportServiceDesk is guaranteed to take the strain out of service delivery!

NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA is a complete modular solution that delivers Hardware and Software inventory and Licence Management. It features detailed and fully customizable Alerting, Application and Internet Metering / Usage Control and both push and pull Software Distribution over a LAN or WAN. NetSupport DNA now also provides an integrated communication gateway allowing secure interaction with your assets, anywhere, over the internet without the need for a VPN or changes to your existing network or firewall configuration.

With a new Energy Monitoring component helping to highlight areas of potential energy wastage across an organization’s computers, full AD integration, optional ITIL-based ServiceDesk and market leading Remote Control, there has never been a better time to see how NetSupport DNA can save you money and time.


Offering a complete IT Asset and Desktop Management solution, DNA v4 effectively manages all hardware and software inventories within your organization with its easy-to-read dashboards and custom views. Its new and existing features have been designed to save time, increase productivity, save money, save resources and add extra security to your organization.
Key Features:
• Software license management – tracks the licenses you’ve installed and identifies licenses that are not in use
• Device auto-discovery – automatically identifies and monitors any new devices using your network
• SNMP monitoring – enables key data from network devices such as network switches and firewalls to be discovered and then monitored
• Endpoint Security – allows individual memory sticks to be assigned to specific individuals or restricted for use by members of a department
• Proactive alerts – each designed to alert you immediately of any system issues, allowing you resolve them quickly before they escalate
• Power management and print monitoring – enables scheduled PC power on and off times, highlights where the biggest costs are generated and identifies potential cost savings.
• Software Distribution: A software distribution package can be created by either applying parameters to a collection of files or folders, or by using the DNA application packager, recording the user prompts, keystrokes and mouse clicks that are used during a test installation, and then automating these on a live deployment to bypass the need for operator intervention.
• Enterprise Alerting: NetSupport DNA features an extremely powerful Alerting module that prompts the system to automatically notify operators when any number of changes occurs across the enterprise. Building on the DNA philosophy, the system is designed to be simple to initiate and any number of custom alerts can be added.
• Internet Metering: From online collaboration and cloud-based solutions to social media and beyond, access to the internet is constant. To ensure the successful use of staff time, the effective use of company bandwidth and to support a safe environment, it is essential that companies don’t just have an internet safety policy in place, but also the right tools to enforce it.
• Software Application Metering: The Application Metering module reports on all applications used on each PC or server, detailing the time the application was started and finished, as well as the actual time it was active.
• New Video Recording for Safeguarding
• New Vault component for storing licence keys and confidential information
• New System Audit to track all DNA use
• Enhanced Remote Control,including remote PowerShell features
• Enhanced Windows 10 Tutor app for classroom management

Features-Netsupport DNA Corporate & Education :

• Ease of Installation
• Auto Discovery
• Hardware Inventory
• SNMP Discovery
• Software Licensing
• Application Metering
• Internet Metering
• Enterprise Alerting
• Software Distribution
• Energy Management
• Endpoint Security
• User Management
• Print Monitoring
• Enterprise Reporting
• Mobile Inventory
• Remote Control
• Service Desk

Netsupport Education incorporates the above features with the addition of the below capabilities:

• E-safety
• Safeguarding

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NetSupport Assist

NetSupport Assist is a focused classroom management software solution that ensures teachers have the tools they need to monitor, engage and collaborate with their students. For Mac® or Linux classrooms − and compatible with NetSupport School, the market-leading solution for Windows − NetSupport Assist provides a complete solution for mixed platform environments.

NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is the simple, low-cost one-way messaging and alerting tool that enables an administrator to communicate instantly with desktop users across any size or type of organization.

Unlike typical LAN-based messaging solutions, NetSupport Notify provides a dedicated local notification gateway(s) that allows seamless message delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. It is a true mass notification system.

NetSupport Protect

The number one choice of IT administrators and technology coordinators to protect Windows® operating systems and desktops from unwanted or malicious changes, NetSupport Protect helps provides a secure, reliable and productive computer environment.With its extensive list of security features and intuitive format, IT administrators can use NetSupport Protect to guarantee that users are getting the most beneficial use of their computing experience, while safeguarding both the configuration and content on their systems.

NetSupport 24-7: On-demand remote support and collaboration

When a customer needs technical support, for any tool to operate a client (software footprint at the target PC) needs to be installed. Typically with Remote Control software packages this is installed in advance.
Take a Quick Tour of NetSupport 247 For ISPs, ASPs, MSPs and Solution providers this is often not viable and as such, a technology is needed that allows support to be provided “on Demand” to those users who need assistance.
NetSupport 24-7 provides a dynamic, secure and powerful on-demand support solution designed specifically for this type of scenario.

• Chat and Message
• Chat History
• Chat Groups
• Multiple Connection Methods
• Exit Survey
• Chat Status
• Push Pages
• Canned Responses
• Full, High Speed PC Remote Control
• Show your screen or a selected application
• Annotate the Screen
• Audio Support (VOIP)
• Real Time Hardware and Software Inventory reporting of End User PC
• Real Time View (and Control) of applications, Processes and Services running on a User PC

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