Skurio is an innovative cybersecurity software company that helps customers protect themselves from digital risks. Our Digital Risk Protection platform combines automated, round the clock monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web with powerful analytics capabilities for cyber threat intelligence.

Skurio looks for cyber threats specific to an organisation, giving a single view of all data breaches and threats outside the network. Additional features help protect data across the supply chain with synthetic identities and protect the business from brand impersonation with typosquatting monitoring. Open APIs integrate valuable alerts into SOC and ITSM workflow systems to automate breach response.



80% of organisations are aware of digital risk and the importance of protecting against it to maintain customer trust and loyalty, according to recent Skurio research. However, most respondents believed their teams lacked skills and knowledge in this area. It’s no wonder then that more than half of businesses surveyed were already using outsourced services to manage their cybersecurity to some degree.

A growing market

The market for Digital Risk Protection revenue in 2020 is estimated to be $130m and is expected to double in Europe over the next 3 years. The top three factors driving this market expansion are the impact of cyber incidents on brand reputation and customer trust, the need to secure digital transformation initiatives, and the rapid adoption of remote working. The average spend across all business sizes is $100k.

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Skurio – the choice for channel

Skurio is committed to helping Managed Service Providers and Resellers to access this significant and growing cybersecurity sector. Our cloud- based Digital Risk Protection services, provided by the Skurio DRP platform, can be re-sold or provided as a managed service. They extend your existing security portfolio to cover growing threats that exist beyond the firewall and provide you and your customers with critical early-warning alerts to data breach incidents across the digital supply chain. We actively encourage partners to develop and market value-added services using our platform, examples include margin assurance for consumer products and digital risk evaluations for M&A activity.

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Skurio Digital Risk Protection

Skurio Digital Risk Protection combines BreachAlert and Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities on a single cloud platform. Our flexible alert templates allow partners and customers to monitor for any kind of business data on surface, deep and Dark Web sources. Our customers implement Skurio to support diverse use cases, including credential monitoring, protecting infrastructure and protection of customer data across the digital supply chain. Skurio provides a cost-effective alternative to services which rely on skilled intelligence analysts to manually research external threats.

Skurio solutions are quick to set up, easy to use and provide round-the-clock protection with instant alerts. A comprehensive set of custom app connectors and API functions allow you embed Skurio features into your own security operations centre or create custom applications for your customers. Pricing is straightforward with packages to suit customers of any size or maturity.

Read the Skurio Digital Risk Protection product brochure to learn more.


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