At Heimdal Security we protect users & companies from cyber-criminal actions,by keeping critical information & intellectual property safe.We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the cyber security industry,being focused on user education through the blogs & free online courses & resources.

Solution Portfolio:

  1. Thor Forseti

Add to any firewall, spot network malware and add threat prevention to stop

  • Incoming attacks
  • APTs
  • Ransomware
  • Data leaks
  • Network malware

Before they do damage!

Forseti™ – a simple and fast way to boost your protection

The perimeter version of our Darklayer GUARD™ technology offers you a very easy way of adding threat prevention and hence HIPS to your network. It will help you greatly enhance your protection against APT’s, Data Leaks, Ransomware and Network malware. It offers active and passive modes and full network logging.

Can be greatly enhanced with Darklayer GUARD™ for endpoints

VectorN Detection™ uses Machine Learning on device-to-infrastructure communication to spot and stop attacks that firewalls cannot see, hence offering a strong HIPS add-on to your network.

  1. Thor Foresight Enterprise :



Achieve proactive security and enhance your resilience with Thor Foresight Enterprise.


Proactive, next-gen security featuring EDR and HIPS capabilities to

combat evolving threats and fully secure your organization.


Take your cyber resilience to the next level with the next-gen EDR solution:


The embedded Darklayer GUARD™ is the EDR you need in this threatscape, bringing unique traffic-based malware blocking to prevent endpoint compromise and eliminate the risk of data exfiltration.


Alongside the proprietary VectorN Detection™,with its behavioral analysis of endpoint traffic and IOAs / IOCs, your organization gains the essential

threat hunting tools to actually anticipate attacks and map out the security-critical points in your environment.


With the X-Ploit Resilience module, your organization gains the most powerful and flexible policy deployment tool, with: automated vulnerability, patching – 3rd party software installation – essential intelligence reporting.

DarkLayer Guard – Vector Detection


The next-gen EDR and HIPS capabilities your organization needs to combat evolving threats.


The DarkLayer GuardTM is a unique 2-way traffic filtering engine that supports fully customizable white/blacklisting.

With it, your organization can block network communication to mitigate Zero Hour exploits,Ransomware C&C’s, next-gen attacks and data leakages.

Using our ground-breaking Threat To Process Correlation technology, we can identify attacking processes and provide HIPS capabilities for


The essential Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)

By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, VectorN DetectionTM will detect 2nd generation malware strains that no other product can see, effectively delivering a HIDS at the machine traffic layer.Using machine learning to establish compromise patters and offering indicators of compromise/attack (IOA/IOC), this is a unique add-on that will boost any other type of endpoint security.


Code-autonomous detection to find threats unseen by NGAV and code scanners

 By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, VectorN DetectionTM will detect 2nd generation malware strains that no other product can see, effectively delivering a HIDS at the machine traffic layer.Using machine learning to establish compromise patters and offering indicators of compromise/attack (IOA/IOC), this is a unique add-on that will boost any other type of endpoint security.

Malware obfuscation techniques are getting more advanced and capable of evading traditional detection.

X-Ploit Resilience-Infinity Management :



Want to keep your organization safe from cyber threats?


Go beyond inflexible, antiquated policy management.

With X-Ploit Resilience, you can see and manage your software inventory and, at the same time, achieve preemptive vulnerability management. This scalable, flexible and intuitive tool can handle both Microsoft and 3rd party software on-the-fly, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule.

 Exercise true control over your environment and build true resilience in front of critical cyber threats like ransomware.

Move beyond SCCM / WSUS and discover this unique threat prevention and policy deployment tool for an unrivaled control over your entire infrastructure.

X-Ploit Resilience: the next-gen, fully automated patching and software management solution.

With an intuitive, clean interface and comprehensive reports, you continuously have an overview of essential software, its security status and all the tools necessary to prove compliance.Everything in one place, with granular controls so you can act precisely.

  1. Thor MailSentry : Fraud Prevention


 Prevent CEO fraud and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks in a single blow dealt to hackers.

Spoofed or simple fraudulent emails can cause more damage than advanced persistent threats. All it takes is one distracted employee or faulty procedures. But there’s no need to over-complicate your operations.BEC attacks are a form of social engineering. They prey on people’s trusting and cooperating nature in order to cause damage. Thor MailSentry™ can now apply technological expertise to scan for all possible cues and detect BEC attempts in time.

Thor MailSentry™ Product features:

Eliminate imposter and insider threat due to BEC scams. Focus just on growing your business.

Monitoring of all e-mails alongside existing mail filter solutions

Detection of BEC, CEO Fraud, Phishing and advanced malware

Finding Imposter Threats (Modified invoices)

Live monitoring and alerting 24/7 by a specialist fraud team

Scans content of attachments in depth – wording, IBAN, SWIFT, Account numbers etc.

Can be connected to external invoice approval systems using API’s

Alerts you if historic e-mails are detected as malicious afterwards

  1. Thor Mail Sentry Email Security:


The advanced spam and malware filter.

 Keep the spam and email malware problem under control effortlessly, with minimal time investment for your sys-admins. Over 55% of all incoming emails are spam, seeping your attention away from the legitimate ones. But beyond nthe wasted time, spam emails are also dangerous.

MailSentry Email Security will keep your inboxes clean and lean.

MailSentry Email Security uses an entire array of technologies to detect and block spam, malware and ransomware threats before they compromise your IT system through malicious emails.

Compatible with our advanced technology for combating fraud.

MailSentry Email Security is also compatible with MailSentry Fraud Prevention, a module especially designed to combat the growing threat of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

MailSentry Email Security is the professional spam and email malware filter solution that corporate environments can now rely on. The multiple analysis vectors apply technological expertise to scan for all possible cues and seamlessly filter spam out of your organization’s inboxes. Eliminate the hassle and danger of churning out spam emails and allow your employees to just focus on the work that matters.

  1. Thor AdminPrivilege :



Experience the time-saving revolution of managing admin rights for your organization securely from one hub.

 Our centralized admin rights management solution will make sure system admins can safely grant privileges to network users with more control and ease.

Insider threat is the biggest liability of medium and large companies, so removing admin rights from regular users is essential.

 Heimdal AdminPrivilege:

  • A secure solution for managing user rights safely and easily
  • The perfect complement to your other cybersecurity protective measures
  • Modular, scalable, and centralized
  • Easy to use by both users and system administrators
  • Full audit trail and faster detection of potential data breach
  1. Thor for Banks :

Empower your customers to experience the frictionless, next-gen way of securing digital assets and transactions.

 Endpoint Security featuring EDR, specifically designed against financial fraud and tailored to combat financial systems threats.

 Your business and customers will never know:

  • The pervasive, evolving threat of phishing
  • MITB attacks that hijack online banking sessions
  • Data or financial loss fromransomware infections
  • Disruptions caused by financial malware
  • Online identity theft

Empower your customers. Grow your business.

  1. Thor Vigilance Enterprise :


Cyber threats are no longer the activity of rogue hackers.

 That is why you need true cyber resilience.

 The WannaCry ransomware attack was the worst cyber incident in history, with over 200,000 endpoint encrypted, across 150 countries, and damages of up to $5 billion.

 It changed the world, for the worse. And it changed how you should approach the security of your enterprise.Rogue hackers stopped being the biggest threat a long time ago.

State-sponsored attacks deployed with a scorched-earth policy are now a major security concern, as your business can be caught in the crossfire.

 NGAV  : Uses 4 stages of scanning to detect and mitigate even the most advanced threats. Using all the techniques known by both traditional and next-gen antivirus engines Thor Vigilance offers market leading detection and mitigation.

Firewall  :Employs an advanced technique to detect and block Brute Force Ransomware attacks from hitting Servers and Desktops. It also offers full management of the windows firewall and device Isolation in case of major outbreaks, enabling IT to lockdown departments quickly

Enter Thor Vigilance,the next-gen,cost effective detection & remediation solution.

Discover how Thor Vigilance Enterprise,the next-gen Antivirus with impeccable,machine learning powered detection that can actually stop advanced persistent threats.

Take your cyber resilience to the next level with the next-gen Antivirus solution!


  1. Thor Premium Enterprise :


Preventing the unknown and catching the known.

Discover the ultimate, next-gen endpoint security suite: Thor Premium Enterprise.

Featuring both next-gen EDR and proactive, code-autonomous detection alongside impeccable, code-based detection, this powerful package contains the security layers critical to protect your organization in this threatscape.


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