NetConnect is a secure remote access solution which can be used to quickly enable a sustainable Work From Home solution for any business of any sector and size.

The way we work is changing and looks set to continue to evolve. Attitudes on ‘Working from Home’ have changed as workers and business experience the benefits first hand. NetConnect allows the business to implement a long-term business continuity solution that can adapt as the business requirements change without the hassles of IT migrations, user training, costly upgrades or compromising security and control.

Quick to deploy.

  • Install, integrate and roll out secure, remote access in 2 hours.
  • No requirement to redesign existing infrastructure.
  • Can be stacked to existing IT set-up to build capability and strength.

Simple to use.

  • End-user focused features and experience.
  • Easy to access, from any device.
  • No client-side software.
  • World-class user experience.


  • Retain ownership of data.
  • Reduce infrastructure exposure to the outside world.
  • ensure a single, controlled point of entry to a network.
  • No data stored on end-user devices.
  • In-built MFA.
  • All traffic encrypted.

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  • Scale up your number of Work-from-Home staff in minutes.
  • Provide remote access to PCs and laptops, retain physical control of your corporate hardware.
  • Regular feature and security updates, vendor-level support.
  • Cost-effective with low cost of ownership

NetConnect does not require any data or application migration. It takes the form of a gateway (physical or virtual), installed within the existing corporate environment, acting as an air gap between the end-user device and the network. This gateway secures and transforms all corporate IT resources into a secure mobile environment. NetConnect is self-hosted, providing customers full control on the location and movement of their data. No data is ever stored on the end-user device and the user experience follows the user across all platforms, allowing users to switch devices at any time and feel confident they are not losing any data and remain productive.